High Speed Photographs

German photographer Heinz Maier shoots high speed macro photographs of colored water splashes that resemble tiny glass sculptures. I love high speed photography.

Mark Mawson Photography

Stunning Underwater Ink Photography Photographer Mark Mawson published these neat underwater ink photographs, part of a series entitled Aqueous Fluoreau.

Picasso Painting with Light

In legendary artist Pablo Picasso—in collaboration with photographer Gjon Mili, who was then working for LIFE magazine—created a series of images that shows himself “drawing with light”.

Landscape Photography + Gradient

Landscape Photography by Robert Schlaug

Photographer Robert Schlaug took his series of landscape photographs and stretched out the colors, creating.

Light Projection Body Art

Light Projection Body Art

Austin, Texas-based artist Davis Ayer shows off light projection art at its finest. We've seen light projection photography before, but this is the first t