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Festa Star Wars | Macetes de Mãe                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Top 5 Ideas for a Star Wars Viewing Party. These ideas are also perfect for a Star Wars birthday party! These Stormtrooper marshmallows are amazing.

Podemos fazer com canos em PVC: sapateiras, hortas verticais, floreiras, bares, estantes, mesinhas, porta taças, adegas, varais, escorredor ...

So easy to make, spray paint PVC pipe in your favorite color. Plant with succulents. Great planter to hang in front of a window that doesn't have a great view. by proteamundi

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Cool Hot Wheels or Matchbox car collection holder! diameter pvc pipe dyed blue and glued together with pvc solvent. cut back of pipes at a slight angle so the cars don't roll out. Glue them t (Cool Cars Things)

Ideia de sapateira

*I love the mirror behind the storage. Just need to make sure the pipe is big enough for boots.DIY PVC shoe storage for me! What a great idea! Wonder if it would work in our entry way. Too many shoes floating around!

10 ideias para decorar e organizar com tubos ou canos de PVC.

This could be done with much smaller PVC pioes to make individual baskets. Assemble a DIY laundry bin with our free pattern and how-to instructions. The frame is constructed from PVC pipe and fitting -- genius!

Você pode fazer uma tenda de tecido e cano para que tanto os seus filhos a usem para brincar quanto você, para relaxar e descansar de forma diferente.

Create some magic by planning some amazing outdoor adventures for kids this summer! There are so many creative and simple ideas!

Organize sem Frescuras | Rafaela Oliveira » Arquivos » Ideias criativas utilizando canos de PVC

PVC shoe rack ~Find pipes that are just the right size for your shoe collection (she recommends about a diameter), cut them down to shoe-length, and stack together using pipe glue.