Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix -- Give your friends this adorable Rudolph by filling a glass jar with homemade hot cocoa mix via @bhg

27 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food

Simple Christmas Food Gifts Christmas food gifts aren't just for your favorite foodies. A special homemade treat presented in a decorative container deepens the meaning of giving for any loved one. Share these Christmas food gifts with teachers, friends

Candy-Filled Ornaments

Fill some clear, plastic ornaments with candy, mints, etc. Tie a ribbon around the top and give as a gift or hang on your own tree!

Yummy homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Luscious Homemade Food Gifts

Chocolate Doughnut Delights - Chocolate-dipped doughnut holes get a holiday makeover with coconut, sprinkles, and edible glitter. For a lovely gift, place them in a pretty tin lined with a colorful napkin. So pretty!

over 100 homemade Christmas gifts

MOTHER OF ALL PINS! I love making/getting homemade gifts, and here are 186 homemade Christmas gift ideas.