These Historically Accurate Disney Princesses Are STUNNING

These Historically Accurate Disney Princesses Are STUNNING

Update: Illustrator Claire Hummel recently posted this new version of Belle (pictured here) in honor of it being five years since she drew these historical

Rapunzel and Eugene's Daughter

In the story of Rapunzel by the brothers Grimm, Rapunzel has twins, a boy and a girl. Ths true story is rather rough for Rapunzel and her prince but they get to be together at the end. This must be the girl twin painting with her mother, Rapunzel.


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i just imagined all the princesses standing there and then ariel is all like, imma be in this too, and flips over ther


Child *Giselle and Pip* [Disney movie "Enchanted" work by *moonchildinthesky on deviantART