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18 Things You Can Relate To If You Have "Too Many" Books

When your books arrive and you realize you just dropped enough money to furnish your entire dorm room:

Yes, because we need some dam food...LOL. and to the people reading this who think I'm cussing, well, your wrong, it's a inside joke, geez.

"I could go for some dam French fries", "yeah and I need to use the dam restroom!" Haha I loved this bit :)

How to catch the elusive Nico Di Angelo

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Again not my work, this is borrowed from my friend. But this is all you have to do, Get pink sunglasses, and he will come.

Sad - Think - Lauren Oliver - "Delirium"; Learn - Cassandra Clare - "The Infernal Devices";

Octavian - "Nós temos um exército..." Percy - "Nós temos uma Clarisse!"

No we have the . Well, yes, but Clarisse did swoop in during the Battle of Manhattan and take down that giant drakon ably herself, so.

No final eu quase choro junto com o Nico tadinho do meu bebe

I know this song but I can't think of the song writers! I know the song is called Sweet Disposition