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Time is running #naruto #cosplay #anime

Naruto / Naruto: Shippuden / Naruto: The Last Movie / Boruto the Movie [Uzumaki Naruto / Hyuuga Hinata / Uchiha Sasuke / Haruno Sakura]

Que colorido!!!

Don't worry they're in order :) one of them looks like a rice ball wearing a black vest Can you guess which egg belongs to which Pokémon,

iniciales tipo agua

quirkilicious: “Pokemon Sun & Moon is finally here! Here’s a wallpaper to celebrate the release of Gen 7 composed of my Starters illustrations from 5 years ago that I finally updated!

I love the flying-type eeveelution the best!

Eeveelutions w/ Eeveelution ideas - love the ideas, like the jousting metal type eeveelution!// The fighting type appeals to me most