Closet door? Nice alternative to a pocket door. Much easier than moving electricity and tearing into a wall.

liking this idea more than a pocket door, if space is available. Door needs to be more rustic but for laundry/bathroom would save space in small room and add interest to hallway

small bathroom realistic remodel. #diy #home #decor

30 Bathroom Designs in different styles

This looks just like our basement bathroom except for the half wall. We need the half wall to accommodate the toilet paper roll!

Projeto de casa térrea de 3 quartos com 115.00m²

Push garage to left of dining, bring dining forward a little to allow walking in pantry/scullery behind with laundry behind that.

Plantas De Casas Pequenas De 2 Quartos

Planta De Casa Pequena Com 2 Quartos. Too big, but I like the way the three doors work together in the middle. It's a nice layout with good privacy.

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