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fernanda clark

fernanda clark
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Coffee Cordis has this tattooed on her left forearm by her elbow. It's what got her the full time job at the cafe she manages.

along my vein so that it's "cafeina en vena" | Caffeine Molecule by Anny Arden

"Caffeine Molecule" Photographic Prints by Anny Arden

I think this would symbolize a lot of people in my life if I ever got a tattoo. It's pretty awesome.

Iconic quote inked by Madison Tease. Can you spot the little wand?

Watetrcolor Rose tattoo From Bolo Art Tattoo.

Rainbow coloured rose - This is one of my favorite best flower tattoos over the internet. Some love red roses, some love white, or blue, but a multi-colored tattoo beats them all! (One of Ellies tattoos)

Watercolor Tattoos

phoenix watercolors tattoo - Prefer in black



Resultado de imagem para tatuagem feminina na perna de rosa

Wouldn't want it on my thigh, but this is beautiful

Tattoo done by: @lesyale_ #grifo #lion #tattoo #tatuaje

Tattoo done by:

Floral old-school tattoo

Whether you're covered in tats or prefer to remain ink-free, there's no denying tattooing is an art.

Tatuagem na coxa: 100 fotos que vão te convencer a fazer uma

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