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a green martini with a slice of lemon on the rim in front of a green background
a green glass with water droplets on it
peas and pea pods are piled together
Ringing in the summer solstice with the last of the spring peas
an orange growing on a tree with leaves
several pieces of yellow cake sitting on top of a white plate with red sprinkles
Quadradinhos de Laranja
Quadradinhos De Laranja 1
bunches of unripe bananas hanging from a banana tree
green grapes growing on the vine with leaves
A visit to the vineyard
peas are shown in this close up shot, with the pea pod still attached to it
some green tomatoes are growing on the plant
~I See Beauty Around Me~
some green leaves with white spots on them and one has a flower in the middle
It's a beautiful world!
green peppers are piled up in a pile
11 Green Foods (and 1 Drink) That Are Good for You
lettuce is shown close up in this image
a pile of green avocados sitting next to each other