Samara Fernandes

Samara Fernandes

Ofegante Às vezes o que me falta é descanso. O que me escapa é a pausa. Como se em uma distração a vida pudesse fugir. Minha respiração é curta como é rápido
Samara Fernandes
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Brand Guide: Singapore Edition by FOREIGN POLICY DESIGN GROUP - created via

Print design ideas and inspiration. I love the old manilla folder style treatment with the design. I also sove the photography and styling (white peg board). Brand Guide: Singapore Edition by Foreign PolicyDesign Group

If someone used this for a resume I would be shocked, but it would be damn cool for a super-fleshed out pitch.

Self promotion idea. OK - no beatng around the bush - this is a serious portfolio - but this may be your competition - so what you may lack in money for a portfolio - make up for it in creativity - see all my suggestions on my Self Promotion Idea Board.


I chose this image because I like the way the artist has used a variety of colours to outline parts of the image so it cant stand out more and show detail. Texture is shown in the veins of the leaves as it is well detailed.

Série fotográfica revela a beleza deslumbrante da cultura eslava - O Verso do Inverso

Polish Photographer Sick Of Hearing Slavs Have No Culture Creates Photoshoot To Prove Them Wrong

Um, I have no idea what to classify this hair color as except for beautiful.

Dye your hair simple & easy to ombre red pink hair color - temporarily use ombre red pink hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair ombre with hair chalk