Casinha colorida: Integração de cozinhas às salas de estar: escolhendo as cores

A platform elevates the kitchen and dining space and adds more tiers to the room. Upstairs you can see there is a home office with built-in shelving. The windows are the highlight and the natural light is expanded by the whiteness of the walls


Fachadas de casas modernas - noted for recessed front load garage & front entry treatments;

Hazel's Hideaway - Alpine Meadows, CA by OOE Design

Hazel's Hideaway - Alpine Meadows, CA by OOE Design

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Casa Caúcaso by JRR Arquitectos The carefully crafted design marks a strong contrast between its dynamic, brutalist exterior, and a warm and inviting interior.

Casa da jornalista Sônia Bridi na Barra da Tijuca | projetada por Maristela Bridi, irmã da jornalista, em parceria como arquiteto Fábio Silva

Sônia Bridi abre sua casa no Rio de Janeiro

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Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture (2)

A F.L. Wright-Inspired Contemporary Home

Prairie House is a new project designed by Yunakov architecture. It is located in Bucha, Kiev, Ukraine. Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture: "The hardest part of the task set before us was to "catch" the style and proportions of the grea

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The Projector House is on a small lot with of lakeside waterfront and majestic mountain views beyond. CULTiVation Design was tasked to design the Projector House to isolate.

CASA DOS SONHOS | Revista InterArq | Coletânea . Luxo . Interior SP . Customizadas

CASA DOS SONHOS | Revista InterArq | Coletânea . Luxo . Interior SP . Customizadas

20 piscinas luxuosas para você se inspirar

20 piscinas luxuosas para você se inspirar

Architecture Luxury Houses Rosamaria G Frangini ***Luxury Homes*** Promenade Residence by BGD Architects, Queensland, Australia.

Galeria da Arquitetura | Residência MO - O projeto luminotécnico é de autoria do escritório Foco Luz e Desenho:

Minimalism and a thoughtful blending of strong industrial finishes with the soft layering of greenery.


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open modernist house | mountain view

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