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Step aside, flower crowns, your time has passed. Mermaid crowns are all the rage now!Chelsea Shiels, a Melbourne-based florist, had been making flower crowns until she stumbled upon th


What one of the Fisher Queens would have worn. The Fisher Queens were a legendary dynasty that ruled an equally legendary realm, the Realm of the Fisher Queens, in Essos. Their kingdom is said to have covered the lands adjoining the Silver Sea, a.

A moda das coroas de flores está ficando Agora, coroas de sereia são a nova moda!

culturenlifestyle: “ Dazzling Mermaid Crowns Inspired by Ariel by Chelsea Shiels Twenty-seven-year-old Melbourne-based florist…

A moda das coroas de flores está ficando de lado. Agora, coroas de sereia são a nova moda!

Melbourne-based florist Chelsea Shiels, started off with classic flower head attires, but soon she decided to put a unique spin on her production. That's when she came up with these dreamy looking mermaid crowns made with real seashells.

9 cobras que são mais bonitas que você

During my research for my post on Medusa and the Gorgon, I constantly ran into the idea that the Gorgon was a faint echo of an early Mycenean sun-goddess, depicted face-front with radiating (snaky) hair.