Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

The most awesome images on the Internet

Sion howled, his breath harnessing a scorching fire as his fur began to glow with the power of the elemental wolf. The prophecy had finally begun.

quando a cabeça realmente pega fogo

Inspiração: Conheça as criações psicodélicas de Justin Mays

I propose you to discover the psychedelic creations of Justin Mays, aka Maysgrafx, an American designer and animator based in Los Angeles, who mixes digital

A nice little glitched lightning bolt :>

Lightning Glitch

Glitch art reference - It embodies the video to film to digital vibe, which will be excellent - movies in the digital space at lightning speed. Also there are no glitch art based brands in the Kerala / NRI Mallu space.

Chillin on the corner

This is especially clever if that's Durga on the t-shirt (I can't quite tell), because she travels on a tiger/lion! (Hindu deities all have vehicles ("vahanas").

DirtyCollective - meow

this guy took a kitten shirt and made it badass by having a tiger head and having tatsTap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Lion Man

This is a very unique photo which has been edited by putting on a lions head onto a man's body which unusual hair(dreadlocks) and could be used in my AS Graphics book.