Buhos de fieltro

These sweet little, felt owls make lovely book marks or keep your book closed in your bag so the pages don't get dog-eared, but your book's on hand to read on the train!

Fluffels and SukiSuki plush

My Fluffels and my friend's SukiSuki creations are off to the store Intalentueel in Delft in the Netherlands.

Подушки-игрушки от GOHA

Какая жизнь интересная !!!!!

♥ ...Kuschelbär... ♥

Top Foundation Grants is a collection of resources on the grants awarded by private and community foundations across the United States.

Cute critters.

Filled with rice! Just pop them into the microwave! Such cute warmers! Or just stuff them with toy stuffing

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