Bottle table lamp

Wooden bottle desk lamp with white led strip.



I like how this square lamp design looks very modern. The vertical lines extend the furnishing to look taller than it is, and the horizontal lines make the lamp look very sturdy and restful.

Rabbit Bouwlampie - Do It Yourself (DIY) Children's Night Light

Night Light Starry Night Sky Projector Colorful LED Night Light (Random… Agate Slice Night Lights // Buy More and Save //

Bamboo lamps - Bamboo Arts and Crafts Gallery

Bamboo lamps - Bamboo Arts and Crafts Gallery

Bar do Fabhood: Os mais legais do Chapolin Colorado

Don ramon, tripa seca

Chino minimalista colgante de piel de oveja luces original variedad de madera escalera pasillo Restaurante Bar lámpara colgante de madera maciza en Luces colgantes de Luces e iluminación en | Alibaba Group

Chinese minimalist sheepskin pendant lights original variety of wood staircase corridor Restaurant Bar solid wood pendant lamp

Origami Folding Lamp by Mirco Kirsch

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