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an animal chart with different types of animals in each area and numbers on the side
Patricia Strada Strada (patriciastradas) on Pinterest
référence empreintes
an advertisement for a woman's beauty product with the words, zef wernstrummenen maken
Zelf weerinstrumenten maken
Zelf weerinstrumenten maken – Mama Duizendpoot
a book with bees and flowers in front of a white building that reads,'usbome
"De week van de bij" beleven met je kinderen: enkele tips!
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the brush and other items for painting
Stappenplan DIY Bijenhotel
In 4 stappen maak jij zelf een bijenhotel!! Benodigdheden: conservenblik, boor, grondverf, verf, kwast, bamboestokken, schilders tape en touw. #oogstuiteigentuin#planten #bloemen #bijenhotel #bijvriendelijk #bijvriendelijkebloemen #voorjaar
a bird sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to numbers and birds nest
FREE Counting Bird Activity Set — Life, Abundantly
the bird eggs are cut out and placed on top of each other with free printable cards
Bird Egg Cards with Templates
Make pop-up bird egg cards, featuring a real-life egg and the bird who lays it! #easter #popupcard #eastercard #birdcrafts #birds #homeschool