STORM Racing Drone (RTF / SRD280 Military Spec)

Storm Racing Drone Military Spec - Ready to Fly Package Handcrafted by Storm Factory, very few was made, came with a fully painted and decorated Military Spec canopy, black edition Storm brushless motor and black aluminum columns, such

The Samsung Flexible Roll | Criação de Sites | Construção de Sites | Web Design | Manutenção | SEO | Portugal | Algarve -

The Samsung Flexible Roll applies future flex tech to create the most portable tablet/laptop ever. Inspired by ancient scrolls, the design's screen rolls up into a

Wow ! I've read an article where we can use our skin as a touchscreen for our smartphone. There is no need to use the device. We can just wear the device to our skin talk and text accordingly without any trouble or any itching sensation to the skin. Some doctors are saying that it might cause cancer but thorough investigation was performed in the lab and decided it is not a cancer causing agent. The article did not mention about the audio. That might become a intelligent question.

WTF: This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

phones will be down beside them, showing that this is where the bullying is coming from.

Awesome Products: The Sexy iPhone 6 design

Parrot Bebop Drone - $694 WellDoneStuff ≕☥DV☥≔

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone cher avec sa télécommande dédiée (plus de mais ça a…

Take journalism and drone racing to a new level. Check out the internet's top 10 drones | @comparaboo

From racing to capturing beautiful still photos and movies, these are the top 10 drone picks

Designed by world renowned industrial designer Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki, the Cool Leaf keyboard is a glimpse into the future: an elegantly tailored tool fusing the utility of a touch-screen with a brilliant, easily serviceable, mirror-like design.

Cool Leaf Keyboard

Oh to have a keyboard without crumbs in the keys at work! Fancy - Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard by Minebea

Borderline Genius Ideas - Gallery

Borderline Genius Ideas

31 Pen Drives diferentes para pessoas criativas                              …

31 Pen Drives diferentes para pessoas criativas

Some really cool and creative USB drives that will really make you say wow !

Paparazzo Light

Paparazzo Light is an Old School Press Camera "Flash" for the iPhone

How's this for a strange camera accessory: the Paparazzo Light is a lighting attachment for iPhones that mimics the look of vintage press camera flashes (yes, the kind the original Lightsaber was made.

Mini drone da Axis (Foto: Digulgação/Axis Drones)

Confira os menores drones com câmera para fotos e vídeos