Mara Cristina

Mara Cristina

Mara Cristina
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Mother Owl feeding her Babies

ach was?!

Great Horned Owl Mark Graf is credited with this beautiful photo!

My little owl man

too adorable

-m----Spotted Owl, beautiful.

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foot study / 'Owl Lullaby' by Richard Cowdrey

The Owl & the Moon

The Owl & the Moon Found a great horned owl feather on a evening stroll on July 6 I have asked for guidance and thankful to receiving the subtle messages of nature.

AMAZING OWL SHOT  by Natalia Kaprosh

by Natalia Kaprosh

Owls Owls Owls

Wise old owl

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natural affect from light reflecting off the back of the owls eyes. This is how they absorb so much light that they can see at night. God is amazing!

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