Flávia Vasconcellos

Flávia Vasconcellos

Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena.
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Normal people scare me American horror story

New York

Zen stone figures with heart, hand engraved or hand painted -child needs a heart head, or to be holding a heart

Love stones Genuine heart stone beach rock by MedBeachStones, $11.80

Artist: Banksy This piece of Eisenstein in protest does not relate to my topic of layers of skin however I like the style in which he creates his work. Although his work doesn't link in with layers of skin in does link with layers as he has to you numerous layers of different colours to create the dimension in his work.

#Streetart : Banksy

Banksy Girl With Balloon (2004) Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Kronsbein, Munich

Red balloons in heaven

From the rat, I guessing this is another piece from the symbolic genius - Banksy.

Schön dargestellt. ♡ ♥ ♥