Greco Roman columns.

On how the Romans columns changed over decades. Extra learning for young kids learning about the Romans. Detail has changed over time on the columns.

Greek Architecture: Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian? - For Dummies

This is Greek Architecture, A Corinthian Column and Dentil details on top of the column.

Greek column in the British Museum. This is an ionic column which has the scrolls at the capital (top). Doric columns were the original, with little adornment, while Corinthian were the later, with leaves and floral patterns sculpted in stone. The column would have to be one of the most oft repeated architectural elements/adornments in history.

This Greek inspired column is located at the British Museum. It is an ionic column. Looks cool and I like the material but corinthian capitals are still better in my opinion.

John Ruskin, Examples of Architecture of Venice - The Ducal Palace, Renaissance Capitals of the Loggia

John Ruskin "Venice Architecture- The Ducal Palace Renaissance Capitals of the Loggia" 1887 by Plum leaves

Only 15 Corinthian columns that are part of the Temple of Olympian Zeus remain standing, out of 104 that were part of the original

Huge Corinthian Pillars still stand today at the Maison Carree Temple built in 19 B.

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