Paula Neder Escritório em casa. Ideia de marcenaria, decoração, design e organização de espaço de trabalho em casa. Home office.

Over the years in the design of furniture we see that more and more people are attracted by a minimalist design


Possible waiting room setup (especially using a small space). The color scheme is a bit too sterile for my tastes, and I would (ideally) have more natural lighting.

Healthcare for Children Hospital. Great Ormond Street Hospital , London, UK. #hospital, #healthcare

Lead Interior Architect with Llewelyn Davies Yeang While at Llewelyn Davies Yeang, created the Interior design strategy for the new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The design set a new.

New Royal London Hospital

Peepshow image makers Andrew Rae and Chrissie Macdonald have collaborated to create a mixed media installation designed to engage children as they travel from ward to operating theatre at a London hospital…

Hospital Infantil Lady Cilento,© Dianna Snape

Galeria de Hospital Infantil Lady Cilento / Lyons + Conrad Gargett - 17

Galería de New Lady Cilento Children's Hospital / Lyons + Conrad Gargett - 17