Beautiful Color Scheme in a dreamy picture: blue and pink colors, soft Pretty park scene: pink blooms on the tree and the ground, blue sky in a dream-like fog and a lone park bench


"Warm Path Yu Brook - 湯ノ沢" by Jason Arney on ~ warm autumn colors

El Chalten , Los Glaciers National Park , Patagonia, Argentina #Explore #TravelBug #NHVS #Travel #WorldTravel #PlacesToVisit

El Chalten , Los Glaciers National Park , Patagonia, Argentina If Yes -click Tried, and comment if it is Worth It. Save this pin to your Destination List !

Dente De Leão...

Toby Keller took this photo of a dandelions in front of a sunset. I like this picture because it makes the dandelions look big in front of the sunset.

Pedra por pedra se constrói recordações, memórias, sonhos e vidas...  Stone by stone you'll make memories, mementos, dreams and lifes...

Nice Look Random Inspiration [ "Nice Look Random Inspiration [ \"This is a picture of Zen stones. Zen means peace of your mind. This represents order as with

Construção da 'Ponte sobre o Tejo' / Salazar / 25 de Abril em Lisboa. Será mesmo??

i have this reaccuring dream that takes place on a bridge like this the ending always is the same, me in the water wondering if this should be a prioritu.fate maybe Plank Bridge, Cascille, Northern Ireland

My two favorite things; Paris, France and Rain! "Actually, Paris is the most beautiful in the rain." -Midnight in Paris