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Robin: Son Of Batman #6 Looney Tunes Variant cover by Pat Gleason

DC Comics Looney Tunes variant covers for November 2015 Black Canary by Pia Guerra Superman/Wonder Woman by Karl Kerschl Grayson by Mikal Janin Robin: Son Of Batman by Pat Gleason Action.

Batman #46 Looney Tunes variant cover by Yanick Paquette, Spike Brandt, and Nathan Fairbairn *

"Batman" by Yannick Paquette & Nathan Fairburn and Warner Bros. Animation Images for : EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics Teams with Looney Tunes for November Variant Covers - Comic Book Resources

Iron Man

Mark V, Iron Man suit. is the name of Tony Stark’s AI system that assists him in superhero-ing. It’s also an acronym that stands for “Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

I love Skyrim. It's a nice day, you are walking on the city, minding your own business, buying some fruits then BAMN a damn dragon come out of nowhere and start killing everyone.