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Say “YUM” if you would eat this 2-Ingredient Protein Wrap 😋🙌
What you need: 1 cup of cottage cheese 1/2 cup of egg whites (or 2 eggs) How to make it: 1. Preheat your oven to 350F. 2. Blend your cottage cheese & egg whites. 3. Spread on a greased, parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 35-45 mins, flipping halfway. 4. Take it out, add your favorite fillings and enjoy! .
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Emily | Simple Healthy Recipes on Instagram: "2 ingredient flatbread that actually taste good! 😋👏 Who knew cottage cheese could be this delicious? Whipping up the VIRAL cottage cheese flatbread for a quick, tasty and protein packed meal ⬇️⬇️⬇️ This one blew me away - you definitely need to try it! 🤯 Ingredients 1 cup cottage cheese 2 eggs Optional: Garlic powder & Italian seasoning Directions 1. Mix everything together and born until smooth 2. Pour mixture onto a parchment lined pan and spread evenly, 3. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 350°F/180°C #flatbread #highprotein #cottagecheese #glutenfree #keto #ketorecipes #ketobread #paleo #easyrecipe #viralrecipes #cottagecheeseflatbread #healthyrecipes #countdowntildinner"
Slightly addicted to these 🤭 #veganrecipes #easyrecipe #easyveganrecipes #tofu #tofubites
RECIPE (3-4 servings, 45min prep time): -400g firm tofu Pat dry it and shred with a grater. -2 Tbsp soy sauce -1 Tbsp oil -2 Tsp cumin -1 Tsp Paprika -salt to taste Toss around, spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350F/175C for 30mins (give it a stir every now and then). Sauce: -1 onion -3 cloves garlic Fry in some oil until softened. -1 Tsp cumin -1 Tsp Paprika -1/2 Tsp chili powder -2 Tbsp tomato paste Roast 2-3mins -1/3 cup (80ml) pineapple juice -1/2 Tbsp soy sauce Stir it in and bring to a bubble. Then reduce the heat and stir in the baked tofu. “Salsa verde”: -a bunch cilantro or parsley -2 cloves garlic -4 Tbsp vegan yogurt -4 Tbsp vegan mayo -1/2 lemon -1 Tsp cumin -1 Tsp agave -salt to taste Blend until smooth. Serve the tofu in tortillas with f
Japanese Restaurant Style Ginger Salad Dressing
the ingredients for this dish are being mixed together in a large white bowl and sauce is being poured on top
Miso Ginger Tahini Salad Dressing - Plant Based RD
This is a super simple recipe thats low carb, packed with a ton of protein, and it’ll keep you full. Dont like lettuce as the base? Use bell peppers, or your favorite bread - sourdough would be amazing here.
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Crack Sauce Recipe (AKA The Best Tahini Dressing!)
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The Best Thai Coconut Soup
The Best Thai Coconut Soup Recipe
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Cilantro Lime Crema
Cilantro Lime Crema is a delicious and versatile condiment that can be used on tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or even as a dip for chips! It's made with just a few simple ingredients -- sour cream, fresh cilantro, garlic, fresh limes, and salt -- and comes together in 5 minutes. A great way to add cool, creamy flavor to a wide variety of dishes! GF #wellseasonedstudio #crema #mexicancrema #cilantrolime
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Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce for Tacos
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