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A paludarium may represent a temperate shore, the banks of a subtropical lake, or a tropical rainforest stream. It can contain a mixture of aquatic, amphibious and terrestrial plants and animals. Have a look at some of the paludarium pictures in part 2 of our paludarium gallery

Cool fish tank

Konolua - Volcano Tank

****Current Pictures**** konolua said: konolua said: ****Original Post**** Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and new to forums in general actually. I am pretty proud of my newest venture so I thought I would post. I had a 150g full reef tank that suffered from 100* water. Lost it because of ...

Gnarly's 29 Paludarium Build: Tree root and eggcrate base

Gnarly's 29 Paludarium Build

My first tank ever was a 29 gallon planted paludarium with a few shrimp, tiger barbs and a tiny little pea puffer. There were no frogs, don't worry. It had...

Betonplex terrarium - Gifkikkerportaal - Forum - Overige - Techniek

Betonplex terrarium - Gifkikkerportaal - Forum - Overige

Wij hebben recent een nieuw terrarium in betonplex gemaakt. ik zal hier ook eens de plannen en foto's van de opbouw plaatsen het

DIY live rock / coral inserts for saltwater aquarium

DIY Live Rock By John C.

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON A COMPUTER, FOR SOME REASON THE POPUP NOTATIONS DON'T COME UP ON MOBILE. I tried a few different DIY live Rock recipes, this seems the mo...

fantastic vivarium planted with moss and carnivorous plants

plants are taking over.

electricorchid: fantastic vivarium planted with moss and carnivorous plants | +

Aquarium Zen, 920 NE 64th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Aquarium Zen, 920 NE 64th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Island Paludarium 360° - DIY Creation

Création de A à Z

Création de A à Z

reptile enclosures

reptile enclosures

Tropical Aquarium Manufacturing plants station

Tropical Aquarium Manufacturing

Miami Florida's Finest in Custom Built Aquariums.


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false bottom mantis enclosure! - Paludariums - Aquatic Plant Central

false bottom mantis enclosure!

hi guys, this is thread is for documenting my experiences in creating an enclosure in which i hope to keep a preying mantis, as well as a few shrimp