.Medieval White Gown

Halloween LOTR Costume Series #7: Galadriel’s White Layered Gown...

beautiful sketch of a gown. I'm a pretty decent artist, but when it comes to designing clothes, I can't seem to put down on paper, what I see in my head

Medieval gown by Camelot Costumes

medieval renaissance VAMPIRE HALLOWEEN wedding handfasting dress custom made via Etsy The fabric is s bonus,its exquisite taffeta floral brocade burgundy and it's a distinct medieval dress.

Elegant Round Neck Long Sleeve A-line Dress<3

Elegant Round Neck Long Sleeve A-line Dress Fashion! I really like the white trim! Sophisticated and sassy!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/95620192/preraphaelite-blue-and-gold-celtic-dress

Preraphaelite blue and gold celtic dress Elvish, Medieval, Pre- Raphaelite, Gothic, Faery bridal gown costume

Navy + Lace Chiffon Dress ♥

Navy + Lace Chiffon Dress ♥ I already have the lace top. I need to find the rest of the outfit.