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33 Ideias para decorar quartos pequenos

Pequena coleção de paredes de TV

DIY TV Room, The first pic has a lovely shelf above the tv center. Would be a perfect idea to pair with led tap lights attached to the bottom.

Gesso e conjunto - Media room

Like this floor and ceiling lighting rather than the standard downlights. A unique way to control lighting, and again makes this space feel more like a room in a home than a try-hard cinema.

Ao lado do espaço de jantar, foi projetada uma cristaleira que é “cortada” pela estrutura que se estende do bar à parede perpendicular, formando um L.

Hate the mirrors but the lighted glass cabinet on the end is kinda cool.

Living room wall units

Living Room Wall Unit System Designs


One night I had a dream that I was house shopping and I bought a house which looked exactly like this! Insha Allah with lots of hard work and determination, I too can have a place like this! :) - Luxury Homes

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