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a woman taking a selfie with an old camera
Oriana playing with my camera.....
a woman sitting in a chair holding an umbrella
an overhead view of food and drinks on a concrete table with shadow from the sun
a person laying in the grass with their arms out
a person holding up balloons in front of parked cars
Magnum’s latest Square Prints sale focuses on freedom
an abstract painting with many different colored circles on it's white background and lines in the middle
a woman laying on top of a blue couch with her legs spread out by an empty wall
"Green Couch" by Stocksy Contributor "Ulas&Merve"
many silhouettes of people walking and riding bicycles
Silhouettes of People Wall Art
Silhouettes of passers-by in the Raval, Barcelona by Geoff
a man in a suit and tie with his arms crossed
many people are walking around in the city
Stimulated By Simplicity, Evelyn Dragan Captures Fleeting Moments Of Mundane Beauty - IGNANT
the shadow of people and dogs are on the blue water in this aerial photo from above
photos by Katrin Korfmann
a man standing on top of a blue box next to a red and yellow building
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