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an open book with black ink on it
By Anneleen Wieken 2017
an ink drawing of a person sitting in front of a window with words written on it
fatal morning appeared by nattrozanska on DeviantArt
we are our own deal that i don't mind you me kleon
I Don’t Mind
an image of a book page with writing on it and a heart in the middle
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it
‘[no title: p. 229]‘, Tom Phillips, 1970 | Tate
Tom Phillips ‘[no title: p. 238]’, 1970 © Tom Phillips
an old book with writing on it and some lines in the pages that have been drawn
a piece of paper with some type of black material on it's side and the words, don't have
More to Say
blackout poem - More to Say #poetry #poem #writing
black and white paper with words written on it that are in the shape of rectangles
Blackout Poem - Spoke Softly
an old book page with a drawing of a boat on top of the wave in black and white
a piece of paper with flowers on it and the words, the price written in different languages
"The price"- Painted this on a page from a poetry book. By myself Brooklyn Watt.
an image of the starr night with words written on it
a pink piece of paper with words on it