Angel Aura Mystic quartz crown headband with silver, gold or rose gold wire

This is a gorgeous angel aura mystic Quartz headband crown. Made to order so that you can chose either gold, silver or rose gold wire

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Ideias de presentes de aniversário

I have 2 beach themed bathrooms. Idea for shells from our beach trips .nautical/beach theme bathroom in new house?

7 DIY Penny Crafts

7 DIY Penny Crafts, should use pennies from important dates, marriage, kids birth dates, etc

picture tutorial. This basic technique can be used to construct many other pieces.  A favorite site.  Needs Translation. #wire #jewelry #tutorial

Mount Jewelry - How to Make and Sell, Step by Step, Ideas and More!: How to make a vintage necklace of copper wire? View as:Gosh darn it.I have a design in my sketch pad almost identical to this!

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