"I kill for a living" by kawacy | #illustration #ilustração #artedigital #digitalart

I kill for a living by Kawacy Anime Fan Art, Digital Painting, Concept, Character Design, Inspirational Art

Quando a chuva começa....

✮ ANIME ART ✮ I like how his shirt looks like newspaper :) i like thar effect that the artist put in there :)

O silêncio que domina a noite..

This boy, beaten by his own parents. Treated like crap. He thought he would never be loved. He never talked to anyone, he never laughed. He would walk home with a reluctant look on his face.

Essa é a Relíquia,minha gata

Oh my goodness! I want a character like him in the book. Like this guy that is really sweet and kind of naive and just loves cats to death! <---- but all the cats hate him :P

Olhar de assassino

Kawacy is a Japanese Artist Who Makes Fantastical Fanart and Comics - аниме фотки

David liebt das Fotographieren

he likes photography- seemingly - really he is just looking at points on walls, and for cameras.

Imagem de anime, manga, and boy

Summer: * bumps into yuno a guy from my class i crushed on and blushes looking at him* H-hey yuno. * blushing* (( okay so this is a new guy i want to add on here he goes to sfhs in my class and i crushed on him someone can be him in this rp ^-^))