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we could mimic this as an accent on the wall.just a narrow strip of cedar that continues down wall and across floor

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i think building a shower like this with stones and semen would be cheaper than buying decent fancy metal shower

A paisagista Irene Cisneros teve uma boa sacada neste jardim de 18 m²: criou um painel vertical com ripas de madeira e, ali, pregou vasos com orquídeas falenópsis e chuva-de-ouro

Casa com orquídeas

Little Sophia always leaves his toy to enjoy the garden. In the background, orchids color the vertical panel of wood, which received a big shower to cool off the kids on hot days. Design of landscape Irene Cisneros

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budget friendly rustic coastal outdoor shower, by simply painting the shower wall a contrasting color (which creates an accent wall) adds definition depth, affording a more finished look.

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