Lean thighs, no lunges.


Awesome ~ No Lunge Thigh Workout ~ Great ideas for people with bad knees or who are tired of lunges. Balancing on one leg is another great way to tone! Since I hate lunges, will give this a try.

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Get a Beautiful Butt in 4 Weeks Tighten your bum with this workout based on the new Core Fusion: Thighs and Glutes DVD from Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito the duo behind the Exhale Core Fusion craze. The moves may look tame

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Sandbag Elevated Hip Bridge. Abs in no time.

Sandbag Elevated Hip Bridge A tough modification to hit your boot-eh! If you’re feeling really bad ass, add a mini-tricep dip at the top, bending your elbows just slightly.

8 best exercises to thinner and sexier thighs.

8 Best Moves To Thinner Thighs

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The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout- Tutorials for the Best Workout for your Glutes and Lower Bodies - Looking for a Healthy Butt? Awesome Diet and Motivation Tips For Women To Improve Health and Build Muscel - Donkey Kicks, Lunges, Stability Ba