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The Kabbalah Tree (1985), oil on canvas by the Italian artist Davide Tonato

How Does Angel Metatron Represent Kether (the Crown) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?: In Kabbalah, Archangel Metatron oversees the entire Tree of Life from the top, which is called Kether (the crown).


The historical place of Aleister Crowley in fact and fiction is explored a bit and somewhat sorted in a column about "Bad Books you never want your co-workers to know you're reading"

By Frater Opus 93.

By Frater Opus 93.

09 - Paimon

Paimon , King of Hell is more obedeint to Lucifer than other Kings are . He teaches Arts , philosophy and science . Paimon commands 200 legions and is rarely alone usually riding with a procession of demons before him.

Baphomet, the goat of Mendes

The sigil of Baphomet as drawn by century French magician Eliphas Levi. there is so much symbolism in this depiction that I couldn't explain half of what i know about it in the limited space a pin allows.

To Mega Therion - Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley October 1875 – 1 December born Edward Alexander Crowley, was an influential English occultist, provocateur, hedonist, …