Marvel January 2015 Solicitations - SPIDER-VERSE Titles |

Drowning in Spiders ****************** Spider-Man 2099 by Francesco Mattina

Thing by Chris Wahl (Awesomeness! Ben Grimm at his best!)

Thing (Benjamin J. "Ben" Grimm) by Chris Wahl (Awesomeness! Ben Grimm at his best!


ultimate comics spiderman Cho variant showing spiderman taken by the angel of death


Art by the amazing Elizabeth Torque This is my commission from her. I just adore Elizabeth Torque. Her work is simply amazing, and she's re. She-Hulk 3 by torqueartstudio

Spider-Man Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse Team-Up Spider-Verse tie-in! A whole group of Spiders team up, but what mission takes five Spiders? The Spider-Girl team reunites for a story about Mayday and a mystery Spider!

Doctor Strange #2 Variant

Comic Book Resources FIRST LOOK Exclusive! Doctor Strange out this November Variant Cover and Sketch Variant by Alex Ross