Dish towel toppers

Hobby di stoffa by Hdc: Continuiamo con la cucina? Tutorial is in Italian but the pictures show you how to make these beautiful kitchen towels

Tasse "Namensschild" INDIVIDUALISIERBAR von Die HersTELLER auf

"Namensschild" - Tasse

Versier een mok met jou naam of die van een ander! Design a Mug with Sharpies! Designing a mug with Sharpies is as fun as it is easy. What a great personalized gift for anyone!

Great salad bowl, no lid? Make a pot luck cover!

You will love these gorgeous Elastic Reusable Bowl Covers and they will keep your food protected. They look so pretty and we have a video tutorial.

Reusable Elastic Fabric Bowl Covers

etsy shop: Eco-Friendly Reusable Elastic Fabric Picnic Food Bowl Covers Lids Blue White Gingham Checker (Set of