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the spanish text is displayed in an iphone screenshoter, and it appears to be reading
Nossa Eu Queria Receber Uma Mensagem Dessas Viu 2EC
two people are texting on their cell phones while sitting in the sand at the beach
Conciliação Em 2021 E76
Pasta, Tumblr, Instagram, Steven Universe
Mini texto amiga
a black and white photo with the words in spanish
Um de vários textos meus sobre desamores… ❤️‍🩹
a text message that reads, what is under my jacket?
the text is in spanish and it appears to be written on a cell phone screen
오유에 있는 신 땡땡님의 핀 | 유머
amor. relacionamento. paixão. declaração. sentimento. em 2022 | Frases sobre amor, Texto de relacionamento, Frases bonitas de amizade
the text is written in spanish and has been changed to be read by someone else