Fangirl problems and I fit all of them. I'm so glad my friends understand, lol she fangirls sometimes so I don't feel too bad. We joke all the time about how we would leave if our crushes had an interest in us.

Wouldn't everybody be thrilled?

My friends and I would team up, kill everyone, and then threaten to eat the berries. My tactic would be appearing weak when getting to know other players, then when they try to kill me, they've made a HUGE mistake.

I just saw this and I was crying earlier about this and now I'm going to fucking cry again.......

No you should be lucky those are the only "bad" social habits you have. If you think trailing off or mumbling is bad, try stuttering on every single word or laughing way too loud like someone who's actually socially awkward.

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One Day More? Nailed it, y'all. << Try Into the Woods, honey. <<---- I iust have two words "the Newsies"!

4-panel Life: i do the same thing :3

Or sometimes if I'm reading a book and the character is angry or something I'll subconsciously have an angry face.I didn't draw this I jest thought it was funny<< YUP GLAD SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS

When Canada showed some attitude at the Olympics.

Me as a dj

There was a radio DJ that played nothing but Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right".