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54K views · 3.1K reactions | The iconic Mini Mafia partner stunt! Our younger athletes blow us away with their talent every day and we can not wait for the future of this gym. The dedication and drive of our athletes is unmatched. • • • #risewithrebelnation #season16 #rebelscheerleading #proudlypurple #saskcheer #canadaincheer #stunting #stunts | Rebels Cheerleading Athletics | Sam Marshall · Jumble


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the reason cheerleaders are so close, because we trust each other every day at practice with the safety of our lives
i dont think anyone understands how much a cheer team is like a family.
two lines that have been written in different languages, one has the same number of words
Cheer Quotes 😍🙈💁
some type of text that says, my mom seeing a stunt that was so cool me being a stunt are you for real look out your leg
Haha this is so true
an advertisement with the words you know you're a real cheerleader if you can understand this
I under stand this so much I hear everyday I do it all day as well
a baby making a funny face with the caption, the face you give your coach when they say time for conditioning
an image of spongebob saying i see all these beautiful directors then i'm like
Cheer prob<3 haha
a group of cheerleaders jumping in the air
two pictures of cheerleaders with caption that reads, there are no pictures from competition everyone else
Like seriously!
an advertisement for the children's book when no cheerleaders watch backspots
Yeah sounds about right Cheerleading Memes Funny, Cheer Motivation, Competitive Cheerleading, Cheer Goals
Yeah sounds about right
Earn a Badge on the Achievements Water Bottle
Celebrate each of your gymanstics successes with the achievements water bottle!
a group of cheerleaders standing on top of each other
cute cheer stunts - Google Search