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Gabriele Mainardes
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Devil wears Me...°°°wei

mod note: I tried looking up an artist source for this image, and I was unable to find a definite source, but I did dig up the names of two different Italian erotic horror artists, Alessandro Biffignandi and Emanuele Taglietti.

by Godmachine

NEW PRINT - Exclusive to The Art Of Godmachine Solo Show "Originally for Stereo Bike. I had no brief for this piece and the guys usually just let me get on with it"Godmachine Edition of only 50 Signed & numbered 10 x Printed on French black licorice stock

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are foever bonded by their part in murdering Duncan, forever their secret to keep.

Blood bowl by *Nerium-Oleandr This is just.not normal (and it freaks me out because I have been watching a show about vampires! I really like the use of the shocking red on a muted background, and the detail on the hands and cup

#Blood #Bloody #Lips

Hey eyes glazed over, mind blank. She shut off her consciousness and limply tilted her head to the side, the saw tearing through her midsection as the tool roared in the echoing room