Gabriela Ferreira Rafael

Gabriela Ferreira Rafael

Gabriela Ferreira Rafael
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You think all these things, but you don't realize what is the truth. Assuming is one thing. Knowing the truth, is another story. I'll never completely go.


**I do not promote suicide** It won't be me who kills myself and ends it. I don't give up that quickly, but I know what will kill me.You the one behind a tablet/computer screen, you will kill me, out of your anger and hatred toward me.

I will be gone.. and u dont worry anymore

I am just depressed sad hurt tired hopeless sadness useless worthless pathetic unimportant. No one would care if I died. No one would even notice.

ED's are harsh-there is nothing beautiful or perfect. Your mind becomes so warped that no matter what you weigh all you see is a distorted image. Eds make starving, binging, purging, and razor blades appealing. And the funny thing is your brain starts to believe that this is good, that you can benefit from this, it makes you feel good. But the goodness ends soon and before you know it you are caught up in this never ending cycle. Eds are not perfection.

"Isn't it ironic? That the things we do to feel alive are things that can kill us." Maybe we feel alive when we feel we can die

I hate when ppl tlk about a way that isnt sympathetical....ITS NOT A JOKE! stop laughing at me

I remember one time I was sitting in class and one of my friends and one of her friends were talking about self harm and holding their wrists up in the air and mimicking sliding razor across their wrists.

love death blood depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone hate broken crying self harm self hate cut cutter cutting die dead hope cry dying tears scars sadness depressing self destruction

i go through stages of being depressed and my anxiety gets wrorse and better but i always want to die