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Beginning today, help me to free my mind from all the false messages I deliver to myself, to every human, to every life form on this beautiful planet. don Miguel Ruiz” // illustration inspiration

I'll think you back to any moment in time if you feel my heart if you feel alive its like we're back on the west coast making love like we're in hospitals

Laying wake at night, watching Luna and her glorious beams of shining white.

Banksy, como é conhecido, é um famoso artista de rua britânico. Ele é grafiteiro, pintor, ativista político e diretor de cinema inglês. Seus trabalhos podem ser encontrados facilmente em ruas, muros ou pontes por todo o mundo.

Intervenções Urbanas por Banksy

Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall

Uinverso @uinverso

For Uinverso. Inspirado na fotografia do Parker Fitzgerald / inspired on a great work by Parker Fitzgerald (pineapple art thoughts)

Tim Burton's Life's Work at LACMA

Tim Burton's Life's Work at LACMA

Tim Burton exhibited his work at the Museum of the Modern Art in New York. His exhibition held from of November 2009 until of April The exhibition included Tim Burton’s artwork from.