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Gabriela Peixoto
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Choku Rei is a Reiki symbol of strength, action, power, direction, purpose and focus.  The energy of the universe is focusing on this point.  This point is the centre and the balance of ones live.

Reiki Info, presents Choku Rei, the First Reiki Symbol, Power Symbol, Energy Strength

I like how organic was written and how beauty fits under it.

What I like about this is the color pallet, the unusual and bold font pair with the delicate rendering of the tree.

i Used to think this was metaphoric,  Now I think the earth is flat, and once had 100 mile tall tress, Maybe on the other side its flat also with giant crystal trees that are still alive.

You are a Light-Bringer, a Beloved Carrier of alchemical energies, perfectly coded, on a radical transformation on this planet. Beau Stanton The World

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Yin Yang Water And Fire Samsung Phonecase Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note case mate is not only phone accessories which cover your device, but a

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hippie-tranquility: “ vufus: “ Yin Yang Harmony" Artist: Rick Faist ” Anonymously tell me what you are thinking about ”