I am not a morning person.but I work weekends at a coffee shop. I guess I like coffee more than sleeping after all

by Karen Hofstetter

Typography surrounded, circled or partially covered by floral details, flower bursts and bombs etc, heavy mix of colour, design by Karen Hofstetter (Little Mix Frases)

Letting go of small unnecessary things can prevent issues arising from something so small.

Letting go so I can be free--holding onto toxic friendships is like holding this balloon--the only way to be free of it is to just let it go.

Esquece tudo que passou e vai ser feliz.

Esquece Tudo Que Passou e Vai Ser Feliz. :) Forget everything that has passed and go be happy Mais

wild at heart

wild at heart. black neon light for wall or event idea

Absolutely right.

Or to see if the car behind you is too close, or if you need to make way for an ambulance on an emergency call, or too see if the lion is catching up to you, or the debris from the mushroom cloud, or.

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I had a dream

This made me smile… Black & white stripes by Lieve van den Outside place through Dreamer through Tabac Heart tote bag by Fluffyco

Para sempre, enquanto houver quem. #amor #love #romance

Para sempre, enquanto houver quem. #amor #love #romance


Thinking (n.) the talking of the soul with itself.- Well, my soul is a major chatterbox then