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maria Gabriela
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Melbourne-based florist Chelsea Shiels, started off with classic flower head attires, but soon she decided to put a unique spin on her production. That's when she came up with these dreamy looking mermaid crowns made with real seashells.

I have already bought a mermaid bra from @whythecagebirdsingz, and sophie is amazing. she takes the time and her pieces are just absolutely perfect. go to her for your rave girl needs. written by @xxjad

Peacock-inspired mermaid bra for view premade outfits and costumes or send me a custom order request on my etsy! link in bio!

Sea Witch: #Sea #Witch ~ "The Birth of Nolemire the Mermaid" Steel Corset, by Fiori Couture. One-of-a-kind gold-brushed steel corset embellished with glass beads and Swarovski Crystals.

Put a mermaid tail under that! "The Birth of NOLEMIRE THE MERMAID " Steel Corset by FIORI Couture. One of a kind gold brushed steel corset embellished with Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals. (I spy seahorsies!