Felt animals

this is a pretty cool display for felt animals .it could be the garland or banner for the party in between animals you could do felt letters to spell baby's name and then use them year round as decoration for baby's room.i like the clothespin idea.

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DIY cute felt bear phone case tutorial The elastic is super convenient and is able to hold your earbuds on the go

Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

16 Easy Patterns to Sew for Beginners - Easy Sewing Projects for Kids. I know it says for kids, but hello! Who says the grown-ups can't have little fun? *Grins*idea for toothfairy.

Flower pillow

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial - How to Make Fleece Flower Petal Pillows. Would be so cute for a little girl's room!

Little Old Souls: Felt Flower Crowns DIY

Little Old Souls: Felt Flower Crowns DIY. Square piece of fabric rolled with no waste

Panda ipod/ phone case

Irresistibles productos que intentarán convertirte en un PANDA

Panda iPod case with a little pocket for money or anything small. And you wrap your ear buds up and Velcro the arms together for no more tangled messes! Ahhh i dont have a ipod or a iphone and i want this so badly its to cute ;

Heart Pillow Tutorial... ADORABLE!

Burlap Heart Stitched Pillow So Shabby Chic and fabulous! Sew a pillow cover out of two pieces of burlap, and thread through your choice of ribbon to make a heart! LOVE this little statement piece! {{if I had time and burlap - would make this for sissa}}

Bunch of different felt flowers and the links to make them.

the audzipan anthology: Felt Flower Grapevine Wreath--links to outlines for making all of these great flowers!

Felt flower tutorial

From headbands to hair clips to bouquets FELT FLOWERS are all the rage. In preparation for an upcoming baby shower (details to come…get excited!) I’ve been looking for an easy felt flower tutorial.

Panda phone case

iPhone Cases - The Wackiest and Most Creative iPhone Cases