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Gabriela Rosolen

Gabriela Rosolen
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alternative universe

She comes to kill me before I've turned truly evil, before I'm too strong to be stopped. In the struggle I kill her. My first kill, the initial step on the road towards evil. In the end, we create the villains we most fear.

Hmm cool prompt but I'd prolly change it a bit

I'm taken aback, my eyes grow wide as the look of confusion spreads across his face." I say, my voice an octave higher." He repeats again, his shaggy hair covering dark eyes.

At the age of twelve you started randomly seeing a green line and a red line appear on the ground. You always followed the green line and have lived a successful and happy life. Ten years later you are on top of the world, but bored. Time to see where the red line leads.

- leads you on a more dangerous but fulfilling path filled with magic and interesting people - leads you down a path of suffering but you help so many people along the way - or it simply leads you to your inevitable downfall and demise

Perhaps it can be a what instead of who?

What if I just had terrible eyesight and since thy gave me their glasses I could see clearly for the first time? That anthropomorphic blob of colour was a human!