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Gabriela Guedes

Gabriela Guedes
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33 coisas que você provavelmente não sabia sobre os parques da Disney

There’s actually a secret suite inside Cinderella’s castle. It cannot be booked, and is only used for promotional giveaways. 33 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Disney Parks

DIY Clothing / DIY Refashion: Fringe Top - Add a skinny belt and I think this would make a cute dress for my baby sis

DIY tank top - item: scissors, bleach, plain tank top/t-shirt. Dip dye the bottom of the shirt with bleach. Wash it out and let it dry completely. Then cut the part you bleached into thin strips and tie a knot at the ends.

Dip-Dyed Shoes

Create your own dip dyed shoes. You don't have to particularly use yellow dip-dye. I've tried this myself, and I dip-dyed my shoes blue and green instead. It really works! Make sure you have white shoes only, or else it won't work.

Check out these fun tie dye ideas! So many cool projects to inspire! #tiedye

200 Tie Dye Ideas from Tulip/iLoveToCreate - have you tried Tulip tie dyes yet? So easy to use and such vivid colours!