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Coutinho Vasco da Gama

COUTINHO Liverpool away soccer jersey. Mane Henderson LALLANA black shirtWere gonna leave more early the usual cuz I need to pass by the store and the buses are gonna be more packed the usual "I like it how the fans are waving their flags to celebrate"

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bob marley -- Bob's father was european white, & his mother Jamaican. He smoked a LOT of weed and got SKIN Cancer on his toe. It moved through his body. His body of work remains the strongest & greatest works in REGGAE, of all time.

Cheech And Chong. Just makes me laugh

I remember my uncle Charlie introducing me to Cheech & Chong. Cheech and Chong became a cult classic.showing two subcultures of America, the leftover hippie and Chicano vato loco.