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Show Me Your MuMu [ "Show Me Your MuMu [ \"Bridesmaids Fabric Swatch ~ Paradise Found Love the colors\", \"Palm Leaves & Bird of Paradise Plants\", \"Tro

"La sirenita" (The little mermaid) Possible imperfect uses: vivir (en el oceáno), ser (la hija del rey), siempre buscar cosas humanas (to always search for human things)... etc. Possible preterite uses: "convertirse en chica humana" (to become a human girl), "perderse la voz" (to lose one's voice), "conocer" (to meet) un principe (a prince).

DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE Favorite Song (Instrumental) - Fireworks/Jig (from the Little Mermaid) (Tied) The part where she sees the ship and fireworks, and she watches Eric in the ship.

Me encanta!

Most of you know who Ariel is. The classic Disney movie everyone loves. Well some of that story is true. Ariel is daughter of Triton.

Ariel ,es la protagonista de la peli La Sirenita

Stereotypical (on hold lol) - Chappy 6

Sunflower field, Japan. See more at

33 Outstanding Colors and Details of Natural Landscapes

:D Haha. Run through the fields.or at least become a sunflower? Life has its sunrises and sunsets.

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